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August 30, 2002

Ready, Set, TiVo!

My birthday every year reminds me it's time to start deciding what I will record (and hopefully watch on TiVo--if I find time.) So last night I headed over to The Futon Critic since it is simply the best laid out and most complete site dedicated to TV. However, to my surprise they were closed and not scheduled to reopen until September 1. mad.gif I was really fuming because every broadcast network and every major cable network has their own page with a grid of their prime-time TV schedule and synopsis and reviews for every show! It makes picking and choosing what to record on my trusty TiVos a very easy task.

Being impatient and worried I might possibly miss a premier I decided to try to find all the info on the new shows myself with the help of Goggle and all the network's web sites. Let me tell you, it was an evening killer! frown.gif

As with past years I always shared my Fall TV Recording Schedule by just updating a MS Word document I keep and e-mailing a few copies to interested friends. But since The Futon Critic is down and all the info. on the premiers has been hard to find I decided to expand on my grid by including all the shows and premier dates for even those that I'm not recording. In other-words, if you want to know what/when/where everything is going to be this fall on TV, be sure to check out my schedule as it is sure to be useful to you. wink.gif

As you'll notice I stick mostly to crime dramas and only watch a few comedies here and there. I've really been cutting back on the sitcoms since they're usually so predictable and not even that funny.

I am intrigued by GoodMorning AM even though its a NBC Thursdays 'Must Shit TV' err Must See TV and will check out a few episodes anyway. To keep me watching their writers have had better worked harder than did with Scrubs and Will & Grace. wink.gif

I'm really looking forward to the return of The Agency, Enterprise, West Wing, Law & Order: Criminal Intent & Special Victims Unit, Boston Public, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mind of a Married Man, and Third Watch. CBS's CSI:Miami and Fox's FireFly look like they can be great new shows. A lot of the others I'm recording I'm indifferent about and will only watch to fight off boredom if I find some free time.

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