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September 14, 2002


For months now many IT security professionals known about a file in Windows XP that could be exploited to deleted files. The exploit and source code remained relatively secret and out of the hands of script-kiddies and alike while everyone else anxiously waited for M$FT to release a fix for it and the dozens of other un-addressed security exploits present in XP and Internet Explorer.

Finally, the fix is contained in WindowsXP Service Pack 1 which was officially released this last monday and is available from

Despite it's availability for a week many users are still unaware of the exploits or are putting off applying the service pack because of it's potentially large download or fears of problems it might cause to their system. If you're in this group of people that are waiting, I'd recommend you stop waiting now and get the service pack installed before you run into really serious problems! Believe me, the potential danger from of leaving your system un-patched is far greater than any installation or usability problems that could occur from applying the service pack.

If for some reason you're still going to delay then at least download and run Steve Gibson's XPdite. If you recognize his name you probably used his popular ShieldsUP! firewall security checkup website. If you haven't tried it yet, it's also highly recommended.

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