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September 14, 2002

Adelphia PowerLimp

I used to have a very reliable DSL connection. Then I moved to my new home. But before deciding on even building that home I called Verizon to check on the availability of DSL in the neighborhood and was told it was available. To my surprise I found myself unable to subscribe DSL after moving in. I was furious.

Since last September I was forced to use a shitty dial-up connection with the maximum speed of 33.6 bps. It was like going from a ferrari and one day waking up to find it stolen and replaced with a mule. angry.gif

While Adelphia PowerLink Internet service was available in most of my town, it's service wasn't available to my neighborhood yet. There were also many rumors about it's slowness and unreliability so I didn't even view it as a viable option if it would have been available.

Recently PowerLink became available in my neighborhood and the talk of it's sluggishness and unreliability have tapered off promoting me to give it a second look. I found that things had indeed improved and it's pricing was pretty competitive, especially if you already have digital cable and HBO.

Thursday I picked up the modem and spent most of this afternoon trying to get it's software to install on my primary desktop which runs XP. However, it simply doesn't appear to support WinXP. I was able to get it running on an older laptop that runs windows 98 but that system itself is so slow it makes it not even suitable as a proxy server.

I have a couple other ideas that might get it working on my desktop. Wish me luck. smile.gif

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