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September 22, 2002

My TiVo Thinks It's Gay

I really had to laugh while watching HBO's Mind of the Married Man tonight. The show began with Micky complaining to his friends that his TiVo thinks he is gay. He's come to this conclusion because his TiVo started recording Queer as Folk and other gay themed TV shows after he gave favorable ratings to Ellen and Will and Grace.

I found this absolutely hysterical because my Phillips TiVo has the same addiction. But mine seems to records anything with "gay" in the description or title. It must also have a super prison fetish and need for girl talk since it always seems to be suggesting The View, Sex and the City, and soaps like All My Children.

There is no question about the sexuality of my Sony TiVo since it's always recording late night adult programming (porn) and anything with girls in binkis. Its only fetish seems to be the borg as in, Seven of Nine. I really can't complain about these habits. biggrin.gif

Where the Phillips TiVo picked up these habits is beyond me! I record a broad range of tv shows and as far as every thing else goes; I mostly stick to news programs, action and war movies, documentaries, home improvement/do it yourself/how to's and an occasional Weakest Link.

You know, I have nothing against gays or gay programming but I personally never sought it out. Certainly it can't be selecting this program based on what I'm watching. So I have come to the conclusion that it must be gay or at least bi curious.

I guess it's true, you're simply born with it. Hell, no matter what life my Phillips TiVo chooses for itself I shall still love it. wink.gif

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King of Queens had an episode with a similar sequence in it. the character Spence rated Sex in the City and Six Feet Under well and in turn got things like a Judy Garland documentary and Queer as Folk. He later tried to combat it by rating a bunch of sprts high, only to get Men's Ice Dancing recorded. hehe

Posted by: Joe at October 31, 2002 06:56 PM

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