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September 27, 2002

Must Skip TV

I was looking forward to unwinding tonight with the season premiers of some old favorites. But after coming home late and watching Friends, Good Morning Miami, and ER on my TiVo I felt completely gypped. My Thursday nights used to belong to NBC. Now, they'll be lucky if I throw them a bone and watch their affiliate's 11:00 news cast. wink.gif

All the characters from ER that I cared for, admired, and could associate with have been killed off or departed the show. After tonight's show I realized we are left with a group of characters that are very easy to be indifferent about or regrettably even routing for death to become them next. This is not relaxing or healthy entertainment!

While Friends might have been able to keep their cast intact, they haven't been able to keep you interested in the characters as they have in the past either. Tonight's show was extremely predictable and not even remotely funny. By the time it was over, I was glad it was!

I didn't have high expectations for Good Morning Miami and all my hesitations about it proved to be true. I don't even feel it's worth commenting on other than to suggest if they make it 6 episodes or more the entire cast must be blowing every NBC Vice Presidents' dick, 24/7. How could anyone be remotely interested into tuning in to this load of shit that a bunch of retarded 6th graders could out write?

The only other show I have TiVo record on Thursdays is CSI. While the show wasn't spectacular, it wasn't half bad either. It's writing and characters are deep. However it always makes me feel like screaming when the characters sit in on the questioning of the suspects or take box interviews with them. Hell, do the writers need to take another look at the show's name? It's Crime Scene Investigators, not Homicide Detectives. Crime Scene Investigators collect evidence and help build the case. They don't sit in the box with the suspects and try to get a confession!

Posted in Movies, TV, & TiVo by usrbingeek at 2002-09-27 01:49 ET (GMT-5) | 2 Comments | Permalink


I agree on Friends, it was pretty lame. I can see the strings being pulled to build up suspense about Rachel and Ross. Been there, done that, find a new trick for the pony, writers.

But ER I LOVED! I have a thing for Romano anyway, so the season opener pretty much guaranteed I'm going to be getting plenty of him. And I hated Anthony Edwards, so no feelings of loss there, thankyouverymuch.

So did you catch Alias last night?

Posted by: Trace at September 30, 2002 08:39 AM

Oh wow we really have opposite tastes. :wink Anthony Edwards was the reason I watched ER.

I never seen Alias. I'm planning on checking it out next Sunday.

Posted by: #!/usr/bin/geek at September 30, 2002 07:29 PM

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