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September 30, 2002

Another no rest weekend

This weekend I stayed mostly around the house and managed to completely exhaust myself.

On Saturday I was Martha Stewart. I prepared my flower beds and garden for winter, raked the yard, and mowed the lawn. I also squeezed in doing the laundry and some vacuuming around the house.

Despite being completely exhausted from all the crap earlier in the day, I was dragged out by a few friends and we went bar hopping in downtown Burlington. I was so tired I was an introvert the entire night. I really should have stayed home and vegetated.

Sunday wasn't much better as I woke up to my home's LAN and cable TV out. All morning and afternoon I tinkered with my home's LAN, cable TV distribution system (a ChannelPlus 3445 Modulator -- It puts my Sony TiVo, Phillips TiVo and JVC DVD player on channels 103, 105, and 107 throughout the house.) It turned out everything was functioning properly BUT the APC Back-UPS that the network's hub and the modulator is plugged into.

The UPS's, the hub's, and the modulator's power lights were on so it didn't even enter my mind that it could have been a power problem. Late in the afternoon I checked it's output with my voltmeter and was surprised to discover it was only putting out around 80 volts. D'oh...theres the problem!

With all the morning and afternoon blown I didn't get as much time to vegetate as I hoped. To make matters worse all the movies I TiVoed during the week were gone by Sunday afternoon when I finally sat down to watch them. One day I'll get around to getting a couple larger capacity hard drives and hacking both of the TiVos. Really. But first I must replace that damn Back-UPS.

Anyone have $150.00 they can loan me. wink.gif

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