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September 30, 2002

The only clear thing is; CBS Owns Friday Nights

After last Thursday's very disappointing night of TV primers I didn't have high hopes for Friday's.

After just five minutes into CBS's Hack all my fears were forgotten. This is how you write and present a TV show to draw you in. Moreover, Robbery Homicide Division was even more phenomenal and has to be the best new series on TV.

Comparatively Saturday Night's CBS premiers were disappointing. On their own (without comparing them to Friday's) they could hold their ground well.

The District is still a decent program for families to watch and can be pretty enjoyable as long as you ignore all technical details and the transparent subplots it can sometimes have. wink.gif

Last season The Agency ended on a cliff hanger without you knowing if Matt Callan (Gil Bellows) was killed or not. For such a major plot twist it was handled very poorly and unconvincingly, almost in a patronizing tone. It seems as if Gil Bellows refused to even appear in this year's premier and the writers had to make do at the last minute or the producers didn't even care about the continuity and just wanted his character out of the story as quick as possible.

Sunday Night marked the return of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the premier of Boomtown on NBC.

Criminal Intent was great as always and Boomtown has a lot depth and potential. I only hope the Sopranos doesn't manage to bump it off.

Speaking of the Sopranos what the hell was with it last night? Did all the writers call in sick and the actors had to improvise and make everything up as they went along? There really wasn't any point to any of it. If you want a week off, take a week off. Don't show up and try to make a half-assed go at it. rolleyes.gif

On the other hand, Curb Your Enthusiasm was awesome as usual and had a great ending as always! If you're not watching Larry David's escapades every week you're really missing out on tv's funniest comedy.

Mind of the Married Man dragged a little last night, but not as bad as the Sopranos. It was still worth watching.

I've updated my Fall TV Recording Schedule to reflect the dropping of a couple season passes (Friends, ER, and Good Morning Miami) and also the addition of (8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.) Which BTW, I hear from a few friends is very good.

I've never seen ABC's Alias and I haven't season passed it because it conflicts with Sopranos and Criminal Intent but I'm going to have to check it out next Sunday instead of watching the Sopranos live. It is another one I keep hearing is very good.

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