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November 11, 2002

They're like children you know...

Oh boy, I had a horrible evening. All of a sudden, without any provocation or warning, my dog Honey seemed to get startled while I was eating dinner. She did a strange run underneath the table, bumping into all the table and chair legs and then kinda scurried down the hall and stairs into one of the guest bedrooms. There she urinated while having what appeared to be a Grand Mal seizer. She never had one before and I never seen anything like it in my life, I was in shock not sure what to do.

She started drooling, her back was arching, paws were flailing around, and she even had a loss of the bowel. I tried to hold her down and comfort her but she couldn't stop. I wondered if she possibly ate some of the wild mushrooms that grow in my back yard when I let her out a couple hours earlier.

I quickly reached for the cordless phone and called my vet while at the same time trying to comfort Honey. My Vet wanted me to bring her in right away in case she had eaten one of the mushrooms.

I scooped up honey and put her on a towel in the backseat (where she likes to sit in the car.) I felt horrible for her since she seemed to not be over it and I couldn't exactly see her because she likes it right behind the drivers seat. I didn't want to put her in the front seat since she really dislikes it and would probably try to get in the backseat even in her present condition.

My vet's office is a solid twenty minute drive, even with speeding on I-89 and the 'city' roads. It felt like an eternity until I got there but when we finally arrived she seemed okay. I was so relieved.

Her doctor saw her right away and questioned everything that happened in an effort to discern the cause. She didn't believe she ate any of the mushrooms as she would have been vomiting, still seizing, and foaming at the mouth which she wasn't, thank goodness. The vet believes she might have Caine Epilepsy or possibly some-type of liver condition. She took blood for a full blood work up and will call me tomorrow with the results. She might need more tests depending on those results. If nothing shows up will have to wait it out and hope it doesn't happen again.

If she should have another seizer soon it is probably epilepsy and it can be treated with drugs. I'm really hoping it was just a weird isolated incident that won't ever happen again.

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Sorry to hear about Honey. Hope the tests come back ok. both of my neighbors dogs had the Ep. seizures. The medication controlled it . Keep us updated.


Posted by: guess who at November 12, 2002 12:10 AM

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