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November 28, 2002

Yes, I *am* thankful for my family

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day at Mom and Dads. Mom asked me to make the stuffing and another side dish for the dinner. I did all my shopping this morning and plan on bringing everything and preparing it there so I don't get stuck in too much boring conversation with Dad. wink.gif

Since last discussed here, I enrolled Mom in a computer/internet classes at her library. Mom says she's doing well but I passed her teacher at the supermarket today and she gave me a very dirty look as I walked down the aisle. I tried to do a "stop and chat" to be polite but she made a phony excuse that she couldn't stop to talk. I got the strong feeling she was ready to kill me for enrolling mom.

When I signed Mom up I warned this teacher pretty emphatically and had to keep explaining that I wasn't joking or exaggerating it but she kept insisting that I shouldn't worry because she's had experience with very technically challenged individuals before and it wouldn't be a problem. I'm betting she's regretting ever saying that now! lol.gif

So back to dinner. I'll be making apple pecan stuffing and Kasha Varnishkes (a jewish recipe; mixture of buckwheat groats and bow-tie noodles, with some fried onions.) I hear Kasha can be difficult to make correctly but its old hat for me and it's delicious. biggrin.gif Mom did a sweet potato pie already so my garlic mashed potatoes or garlic rosemary roasted potatoes would have been redundant. When I have some more free time I'll post all the recipes.

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please don't forget the recipies. Kasha sounds delicious. Since I have never had it before, I won't know if I goof it up!!


Posted by: Susan at November 30, 2002 10:41 PM

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