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December 01, 2002

Isn't 26 too early for senility to set in?

After hours of straight programming, I leave my home office to retire to my bed room to watch some TV. On the way I stop in the kitchen to get some water and make some popcorn. While the popcorn is popping away I let the dog out and 'argue' with her to get her to do her business.

With the dog back, and with the water and popcorn in hand, I head to bed. Just as soon as I get comfortable and find a movie worth watching, I notice that I must have left the lights on in my office. Not wanting to waste electricity I pause the live playback using TiVo, get up to go turn it off, and quickly return to bed to resume watching this movie.

Once back in bed and comfortable again, I pick up my TiVo remote to resume the playback but I then noticed I now left the stairs light on. Begrudgingly I get up once again, to shut off this light.

Thinking ahead, I take a second look around to make sure there are no other lights left on. Finding everything off I return to bed slightly annoyed but ready to watch that movie.

Once back in bed and comfortable again I resume the movie and then pick up my X-10 remote to shut off the light in the bedroom. With the X-10 remote in hand I then realize I could have shut off all the lights with it as all the light-switches in my house are X-10 compatible.

Why is it we forget about these conveniences when we finally have them?

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