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December 02, 2002

Could the bank please come for her home next?

One of my next door neighbors is an uber-bitch. From the very start of my home's construction, during my move in, to present, this witch has never returned any of my waves hello or has ever come over to introduce herself. Over time all my other neighbors on the street have introduced themselves and have been pretty friendly.

I certainly never gave this person any reason to be pissed off at me other than my mere moving in. Perhaps she always hopped the lot next to her's would always remain empty. Perhaps she's upset because I'm jewish. Who the hell knows?

If anything I should be the one with cause to get upset. She constantly blows leafs and throws fallen branches over into my yard. When she waters her lawn she'll spend 15 minutes adjusting her sprinkler so not one drop hits my side of the property line. She even blasts horribly loud and distasteful music outside all summer. She placed a flock of pink flamingos in her front yard and also put up a HUGE, public school sized, flagpole a couple days after I attached a normal home size flag on my porch. Probably worst of all, this women looks like a hippo from the zoo (and thats being very kind) and yet she prances around the yard in her bathing suit all day like we should enjoy the sight.

Well this morning I got a great laugh when I was waken up by a commotion coming from the front of her house. There were two sheriff's cars in her driveway and the deputies were forcing open her garage so that a flat bed tow truck could repo her 2001 pickup truck. I normally wouldn't take satisfaction in someone's financial demise but this was just too sweet of a way to wake up. biggrin.gif

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Oh yes, please.

She sounds horriable, maybe you get her photo (try saying you work as a dating agency for the stars) and then sending it to the UN under the heading "IRAQS BIO WEAPONS DIRECTOR!"

The old saying has it "love thy neighbour"


Posted by: Quanta at December 3, 2002 04:32 AM

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