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December 04, 2002

Three Great Products

I haven't reviewed any purchases in awhile, mostly because I haven't bought anything for myself lately or got anything new until recently. But, I'll have some more reviews posted later this week.

My bedroom usually has a chill in at night during the winter despite it having the radiant floor heating that is set to (whats supposed to be) a toasty 70 degrees. After seeing the Vornado DVH Vortex Whole Room Heater at a local store I decided I had to get it but wasn't keen on paying over $130 for it. That night I checked out to see if they had it and what they were asking for it. I bought it immediately when I saw they had it for only $89. (It seems they since raised their price slightly.)

This little heater puts out quite a lot of heat and can warm a large room very quickly. It has a high and low heat setting and I find it can very adequate heat my room on the low setting even on very cold nights. The one thing I dislike about it is I don't find its digital temperature to be accurate. To bring the room to 70 degrees I have to set it 72 or 73. Otherwise it does its job very well, certainly better than the under powered Bionaire Digital Power Heater it replaced.

I love rice and I literally make some every night, and not that instant or quick cook crap either. So I was really thrilled when UPS delivered this Zojirushi NS-JCC10 Neuro Fuzzy 5-Cup Rice Cooker that Katrina was nice enough to get for me for Chanukah.

It's my first electric rice cooker but I've heard that Zojirushi's are the best. I've been using it every night since I got it and there is no question so far. I've found that it cooks the rice to a perfect consistency and evenly without worry when set to "hard." I've also been using its timer feature and placing all the ingredients in it in the morning and the rice is perfectly cooked and kept warm by the time I'm home and ready for dinner. It also cleans up very easily and I haven't had any problems with the rice sticking or burning on the bottom. If you eat a lot of rice or know someone who does, this is the thing to get!

Katrina enjoys bugging me about my beard. I only kept it because I've been to lazy to replace my broken Braun electric razor and I refuse to use those straight edge or disposable blades. I do keep it nicely trimmed but she says I look better without it so she also got me the Panasonic ES7017H Sonic Triple Blade Men's Rechargeable Wet/Dry Shaver.

I've owned several Braun and Norelco electric shavers since I was 14 and there is simply no comparing this Panasonic with them. The best feature of this shaver is its ability to be used with real shaving cream for a very comfortable shave. It's battery holds a very long charge and it can take care of even the thickest beards. Another awesome gift! Thanks again Katrina.

Posted in Product Reviews & Purchases by usrbingeek at 2002-12-04 18:42 ET (GMT-5) | 1 Comments | Permalink


I'm glad you really liked the gifts.

Thanks so much for the iPaq! I need a new one so bad, how did you know?!

Posted by: Katrina at December 10, 2002 01:49 AM

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