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December 09, 2002

UBB.classic 6.4 Public Beta

Infopop publicly released the UBB.classic Beta Release 1.0 to the Member's Area on Friday.

Some of the new features and changes include:

  • Content Islands that allow you to feature your board's content on the rest of your site. (Demo here.) The Content Islands also support RSS news feeds.
  • A searchable Community Directory. (Very Cool!)
  • The ability for an Admin to view the board when it is turned off.
  • Simplified Upgrade procedures. The "Upgrade Button" will now run any necessary maintenance procedures for you. (You also have the ability to create stacked rebuilds and do call them via a cron job.)
  • Today's Active Topics is now a rolling 24 hour period rather then rolling over at midnight every night. Great if you have users in more than one time zone. (I've been pushing for this for a long time and I'm very glad to see it finally added.)
  • User passwords in the uber cookie are now MD5 hashes.
  • User level based permission to allow custom user titles set by users.
  • Time based edit options. (Another great feature that makes your community much easier to manage as no one can come back months later and edit their posts so they say god knows what.)
  • Toggle for last post column (and contents) in forum summary.
  • Toggle for last post column (and contents) in topic list.
  • Forum summary last post links to the actual post.
  • "Re: " now before replies to topics in forum summary.
  • Forum name in <title> tag in topic list.
  • Added <label> tags & some CSS magic to forms in the control panel for greater usability & accessibility.

I said some great things about the UBB.classic 6.3 release but this version far surpasses it in the amount of new features and quality. If you have been waiting to renew your Member's Area access now is the time to renew it! For even a beta product its quite stable and a very worthwhile upgrade.

Posted in Groupee & UBB.classic by usrbingeek at 2002-12-09 16:25 ET (GMT-5) | 0 Comments | Permalink


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