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December 14, 2002

Unprotected systems will be our downfall

Now more than ever we need to be concerned with keeping our anti-virus definitions and security updates up to date. ComputerWorld's recent story, War with Iraq will mean virus outbreak, hacker says details the threat of a megaworm that may combine features from the well-known SirCam, Klez and Nimda worms.

There has been a lot of discussion and fears that such a megaworm would be developed and released into the wild for sometime. However, for what ever reason we haven't seen one that was successfully implemented and was able to rapidly propagate, affecting large numbers of web sites and systems. Such a megaworm could cripple not only the Internet but individual's computers and corporate computer systems. Such an attack's affect on the economy could be staggering.

With an attack on Iraq looming we can be pretty much guarantee to see such megaworms in the near feature. If you have been putting off applying security updates and updating your anti-virus now is the time to stop delaying. Immediately check for security updates for your operating system and all internet connected applications. Ensure your firewall and anti-virus adequately provide protection and that they are also fully up to date. You should also be checking for anti-virus updates on at least a biweekly basis, if not daily now.

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