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December 15, 2002

Never say never

Every once in awhile I'll buy a small, fresh, "Never Frozen" Turkey when they're on special at the super market. I'll roast the breasts for some super turkey sandwiches and use the rest of carcass to make a soup. This morning I noticed they were running a special on them at Hanaford so I picked one up.

When I got home I put everything away and placed the turkey in the refrigerator as it was too early to start roasting the breasts and I wasn't quite ready to start my soup.

A couple hours later I figured I better get started or dinner wouldn't be ready until after 8. I pulled the turkey out of the refrigerator and placed it into the sink to give it a through washing and remove the bag of giblets. As soon as I got it's wrapping off I noticed that something wasn't quite right. This fresh, "Never Frozen" turkey was indeed frozen at least once.

How did I know? The damn thing was still pretty frozen, even after several hours of sitting in my fridge. It so frozen in fact, it'll be impossible for me to cook it tonight! redupset.gif

Fuck Hanafords!! It looks like I'll be eating McDonald's or something else equally revolting tonight.

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