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December 19, 2002

The Big Con

Everyday most of us intentionally wait to listen to liar. We sit there with anticipation to hear this liar come on and tell us the weather with an obnoxiously perky smile. Yes, you guess right. I'm talking about the Weatherman or Weathergirl.

I can't help to wonder why we all tune in for this five minutes of wasted time and complete and utter bull shit.

These weather people know they're full of shit too so every weather-cast they'll spend four minutes talking about all the weather thats already happened so they at least have some creditability. Then once they finish talking about the stuff they would have to be a complete idiot to get wrong, they start having their fun and laying on their con.

The truth is, despite us being in the 21st century, we still have no clue or ability to accurately predict the weather 100% of the time. Instead we have a bunch of con-men and con-women running around calling them selfs "meteorologists." In my opinion these people have as much creditability as a tarot card reader.

The funniest part of the weather cast is usually the way the anchors introduce the weatherperson. They know they're full of crap too so they don't have any respect for them either. This is why you'll noticed the anchors pick on the weatherperson every chance they get. For the anchors, it's like shooting fish in the barrel.

A new trend is for the weather-people to do other segments on the environment and nature, space, and even sometimes cooking and gardening just so they can attempt to maintain some creditability with their news directors (who wonder why they still play a part of this con.)

If there wasn't a demand for these "forecasts" the news directors would have thrown these smiling fools out on their ass and cut their segments the first or second time they had their day on their boat ruined by these liars.

The only way we'll ever put a stop to this bull shit is if we let the news directors know we're on to them and their weather people and that we're not going to accept this any more. Whenever your weather-person gets it wrong e-mail the news-director and complain! It's about time we stopped this fraud!

Posted in Movies, TV, & TiVo by usrbingeek at 2002-12-19 14:20 ET (GMT-5) | 0 Comments | Permalink


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