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December 21, 2002

I'm too tired to do anything but complain

Most of this week I've had horrible trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Today it has really caught up with me. I'm too tired to do anything, but at the same time I'm bored out of my mind. I was hoping to sleep most of the day however so far I've been unable to fall asleep despite my best attempts.

In an effort to further wear myself out I tried to do some more work on's content management system but my eyes just ache too much from looking at the code. I thought about finishing my home network wiring but didn't feel like making frequent trips up and down the stairs to the basement to the upstairs home office and then to what ever room I had to wire ports. I then considered finishing the organization and "spring cleaning" that I unintentionally started in the home office.

Wednesday I pulled my desk out from the wall to replace my desktop's TV out wire which has been introducing some interference because it has a nick in it. The wire goes from my main desktop and goes through a conduit into the basement where its connected to the whole house cable TV distribution system. Once I replaced the wire I felt I better organize the tanglement of power, USB, audio, firewire, and networking cables that were hidden from view behind my desk. This organization then lead to a further clean up and organization of the office which I never really got to finish. Long story short; my desk is still in the middle of the room and half of all the wiring is now disconnected and in a birds nest on the floor. After picking up this tanglement of wires and attempting to free one for about five minutes I gave up and decided to get back into bed and try to find something on TV.

Since I'm sitting here writing this entry you can guess I never did find anything worthwhile watching. Boy I wish SimCity4 was out. I'd have something to do!

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