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January 01, 2003

Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve Resoultions...boy I hate them but I feel like I better make one anyway.

I'm not making a resolution to loose some weight this year because I've been loosing weight and I don't want to jinx my on going diet. I've never smoked and I already very rarely drink so those two common resolutions are right out.

I did think of one thing that I need to do and I'll even be getting a start on it as soon as this entry is posted. Wanna guess what it is? Give up...

It's MORE SLEEP. Yes that it. I'm making a promise to myself to be in bed and asleep by 2AM at the latest every night. I'm going to shoot for 1AM but thats a little unrealistic for me most nights. I'm also going to try to sleep in as much as I can when I don't have work instead of getting up early like I normally do.

I'm sick of not getting a decent seven hours sleep every night because I'm engrossed in coding, playing a game or watching TV. The lack of sleep I've been getting has really been effecting my attitude and overall wellbeing. Well no more. I really mean it! This is one New Year's Resolution I plan to keep.

Good night! wink.gif

Posted in Main by usrbingeek at 2003-01-01 01:35 ET (GMT-5) | 1 Comments | Permalink


Let me know if you have any luck and how you did it. I've made that resolution so many times it isn't funny - every time, I manage for about two days, then I find myself up at 5AM. Worst is when I reverse my days and nights. Good luck!

Posted by: Nellie at January 2, 2003 10:22 AM

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