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January 02, 2003


Blah, today has been one of those days so far. Its a little bit crazy at work while at the same time very boring, well at least I'm bored. Since I have a couple minutes to fill, I'll update you on a few things that I've been up to and planning to do.

Resolution Update:
So far I'm sticking to my New Year's Resolution despite feeling the extra sleep hasn't improved things. If anything I've been more tired the past couple days. frown.gif Since it has only been two nights I'm still going to stick with it as I'm hoping its just my body isn't used to it yet. wink.gif CMS, XHTML &CSS Transition Update:
I'm almost near done with the new content management system for but due to a few hang ups I've had some delays. I hate missing my personal goals and this has really bummed me today.

With any luck I'll have it done by mid month but because I don't want to switch over to it without first positing an official announcement on the site at least 15 days in advance I'll have to shoot for 2/3/2003 now. (Note: This is a personal goal and should not be considered as an official statement -- I have no idea if that'll end up being the launch date or not! In other words no whining if I miss that date too.)

Refinancing & Appraisal:
I'm in the process of refinancing my home since the rate I got from the local bank when I built it was pretty good at the time but it's now a bit high. I've shopped around some and found a great deal with a major national mortgage company (and no its not any of the ones that advertises on TV.) My lawyer has looked over the papers, I'm all approved, and now just waiting on the cursory appraisal. Vermont has only a few licensed appraisers and they're all apparently backlogged. The appraiser the mortgage company chosen has already called twice to reschedule and supposedly will be here tomorrow, "for sure." I'm having to take another few hours off work to let him in the house and if he doesn't show again I'm going to royally flip my lid. Even the cable and phone companies are better at keeping appointments than this jag off.

Custom Start Page
I need to find some time to work on releasing my custom start page (on left -- click to enlarge.) I've received over a dozen requests for it this week after it was accidentally included in my live desktop screen cam shot and it was in turn seen on a few message boards' "Share Your Desktop" threads.

It was never designed with distribution in mind. So before I turn it over to others I must first remove the proprietary links, make a few changes to it, and the scripts it uses. I'm also a bit concerned if it'll prove to be a support headache because a lot of the people that have been requesting it aren't even familiar with HTML let alone vaguely familiar with XHTML/CSS and JavaScript which the page was coded with. In an effort to avoid support problems I've decided I will have to package it as a self extracting zip file and also include some installation documentation and additional notes on how to further customize it. I'm also going to comment the page's code so it' be more clear to those with limited HTML knowledge.

I thought of calling it "Start Page Plus" (SPP) unless I or someone else can think of a more creative name. All good candidates can't be already trademarked or very similar to a brand or product name that's already in use.

As soon as the SPP is ready for release I'll post an entry here and include a link to it in the Site Index (on top left.)

Home Office Reorganization Update
New Years Day I finally had some free time and actually felt like getting back to finish organizing my home office. It actually looks like a human works there now!

Here are some pictures I quickly snapped yesterday. Click to enlarge.

View of my computer desk in the home office.

A better view of my Computer Desk.


Second computer and view of my writing space which is currently occupied by a LeCie USB drive in need of repair.

View of the other-side of my office from the hall, featuring my project area. <br />

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