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January 03, 2003

Sitcoms can't write themselves this well

So a few friends from work, Richard, James, Anthony and I decided to drive up to Montreal to have dinner and then check out a few lounges and bars. I took my car and Anthony took his.

We had a great meal at a steak place I suggested and then decided to check out a below ground bar at the suggestion of one of my friend's friend. The place was pretty quiet and it didn't appear there were any single ladies around so we decided to check out some of the other bars down the street.

After passing a few bars with long lines outside, which we decided to skip because it was 16 degrees out, we came across one that was pretty busy but had no line. It was a living breathing Austin Powers movie; a multi-level bar, complete with gogo dancers, waitresses in gogo boots and mini skirts, and rocking 60's music. It was wild!

We headed to the bar to get drinks and got to talking with two very hot ladies while we waited on the bartender. I immediately connected with one and bought her a drink. To talk some more we went upstairs and took a small booth.

I found out her name is Erica and she's a Help Desk Supervisor and Trainer for a Canadian bank. I'd describe her as very smart, very good looking, and very sexy. She slim, has short brown hair, nice features, and looks a lot like Catherine Bell from JAG, in some ways much better!

It was amazing. I never have had luck like this in bar before. We were talking for close to an hour. I some how avoided putting my foot in my mouth and made a great impression on her. On the otherhand, my friends weren't fairing as well. They kept signaling to me that they wanted to go but I wasn't about to walk out on Erica. She invited me back to her apartment for "some coffee" and I almost had to pinch myself before accepting the offer.

I went over to my friends to let them know they could take off since I was hooking up. James was pretty pissed as he really liked Erica too but was shot down with a "no thank you" when he offered her a drink. Despite his tries I wasn't about to get distracted into an argument with him so I just said my good byes and headed back to Erica, who was now talking with the girlfriend she was with before.

Erica introduced me to her friend, Amy and explained that she's her roommate. She also said that she may join us in a little bit. I wasn't exactly sure if she meant what I thought she meant but boy I could only hope so! xyxthumbs.gif Amy wasn't bad looking at all either and had very sexy full lips and long legs. I thought to myself, this was turning into a Penthouse Letter.

But then just like with any good sitcom; midway through something has to go horribly wrong. Mid sentence and only 3 steps out the door of the club I slipped on a patch of black ice and tore up my hand and knee pretty bad. My hand was completely scratched up and was bleeding a little. Despite having on a good pair of thick pants my knee was also cut up and was bleeding bad. At the time it also felt like it might have been sprained or maybe even dislocated. My friends were following us out and saw it happen. Fucking James didn't wait a second and picked me up and forced me and Richard into a cab that was parked right in front of the club so we could find a pharmacy and get something to dress the wounds or go to the hospital if I had to.

Erica was also going to get in the cab but James pulled her aside and said something to her which much have convinced her not to go. She at least gave me her business card, wrote her cell number on it, and told me to give her a call the next time I was in town but who knows what else James said to her after we were gone.

Richard and I found a pharmacy and got some alcohol wipes, bandages, and even some Extra Strength Canadian Advil which is twice as powerful as the Advil they sell in the US. With my wounds bandaged and extra supplies in hand we hailed another cab to take us back to the parking lot where we left our cars. Richard then drove us back to work so he could get his car. Once back at the lot at work the Advil was fully kicked in and I felt like I was able to drive home from there.

On the way back to VT, Richard kept mentioning how shocked he was with James' behavior and thought he was, "a whinny asshole" all night. Anthony had left a message on my answering machine at home. He said he was sorry for what happened and was very pissed with James too. Also, Erica shot him down again and, "put him in his place for good." He went on to say that James was, "pouting the whole drive home." I'm sure I'll hear the full story tomorrow.

You know pay back is a bitch and you haven't seen anything yet, James.

Damn it. I've broke my New Year's Resolution. It's past 3:30AM and I'm still awake.

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I am surprised that you got some ass!! Congrats and our 10 year renuion is coming up

Posted by: someone from Uschool at May 16, 2004 01:23 AM

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