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January 07, 2003

What happened to Honesty in Politics?

Today someone claiming to be with Tom Delay's office left a message for me at the bowling center. They said something along the lines of, I've been nominated for a "National Leadership Award" and that I should call them back at a 1-800 number to work out the details of a press release. Immediately upon hearing this my Bull Shit Detector and Social Engineering Radar started to flash "Red Alert." wink.gif

I had the feeling it was a scam because if someone really nominated me for such an award they certainly would have told me about it before hand. I've been nominated and received other awards before and this was the first time someone I never met was telling me about it for the first time. Especially over the telephone no less. Things don't happen like this in the real world.

Curiosity forced me to called the number to see what the scam was. Basically its a solicitation to attend an "awards dinner" and I would have to buy seats for myself and any guests I'd like to invite. The price was ridiculous and I couldn't believe the nerve of them to use a scam just to fund raise. Worst it's perpetrated by the Republican House Majority Leader. I thought us conservatives were better than this.

I can image many small business owners will fall for this scam, buying several seats for their family just to show off themselves getting this "prestigious award." What a crock of shit.

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In high school I was named delegate from Pennsylvania for the National Young Leaders Conference. Big honor, I thought. Yeah, right. My parents paid the tuition and I found out once I got there that sessions were held week after week after week.

Posted by: Nellie at January 7, 2003 06:27 PM

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