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January 14, 2003

UBB.Classic Login Self Help Update

I've just finished updating my Login Self Help modification for Infopop's UBB.Classic.

Login Self Help allows you to easily add instructions on your UBB Login page that explain why someone might not be able to login and how they can correct the problems on their own. A demo is available here.

Changes to the Login Self Help modification include:
1. Addition of instructions for McAfee Privacy Service, Norton Personal Firewall, and Zone Alarm Pro.
2. Refined the introduction so that it would be more clear to n00bs. Also added an FAQ link.
3. Made changes to the Incorrect Time section in order to make it more clear. Also added a note that the cache, and cookies might need clearing.
4. Replaced hard text where ever it could be pulled from variable files instead.
5. Various grammar and spelling corrections.
6. Made appropriate changes to ensure that the code would be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

If anyone is aware of any other security programs that block cookies and are able to provide me with simple instructions for allowing them from a specific web site please let me know! At the same time I don't think I'll need to provide instructions for anything like Opera, or Linux browsers since their users should be advanced enough to know it on their own. wink.gif

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