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February 21, 2003

What I've been up to

I promised to write about everything that happened while I was unable to blog last week but to tell you the truth I really don't feel like doing it. So this will be as short as possible...

1) New eyeglasses: They're similar to my old ones, but a bit smaller, and MUCH lighter thanks to the titanium frames. I'm having a hard time getting used to the weight difference and prescription change but I do feel I'm not struggling to read anymore.

2) Mystery Smells: There was a god awful smell coming from my guest bathroom shower. I thought it might have been sewer gasses coming up through the shower drain because the vent was blocked with a birds nest or something but I couldn't find anything to substantiate that thought. I broke out the 409 and went to town on cleaning all the surfaces in the shower, also bleached the floor and drain. The smell quickly went away and hasn't been back since. I've heard about forms of bacteria that give off strong odors before but it wasn't even visibly dirty and the shower wasn't used for several months. I really don't understand it.

3) Flat tire and busted hub: I just left home and drove down the hill on my way to the bowling center. As soon as I turned on to the main road I felt a tire was completely flat so I quickly pulled over. It was below zero so I didn't waste anytime getting the spare and jack out of the trunk. I got the bolts loosened and then attempted to jack the car but the damn jack was frozen solid thanks to the cold. To make things worse I was only wearing a thin coat and was really starting to feel the cold now. My fingers were even turning unhealthy looking colors. For the first time in my life I got back in the car and called AAA instead of taking care of the problem myself. I felt like such a pussy. wink.gif
The good news was, I was lucky enough not to catch a cold, I was sure I would. The bad news was it cost me just about $400 for a new tire and hub. Why do the stock 300M hubs cost so freaking much?!

4) Why you should always read warning labels: I got a sample can of Oust Air Sanitizer in the mail. It claims it "Kills 99.9% Of Odor Causing Germs In The Air." I thought to myself, "how perfect, I should have used this in the guest bathroom." I didn't bother to look at all the fine print on it, and let me tell you, there is a lot. One of the things it warns is, "Asthma and Allergy Sufferers should consult their physician before any use." Boy, they're not kidding. I sprayed just one short burst of it a couple feet out in front of me and waved a little air toward my nose to smell it and I nearly hit the floor from the asthma attack I launched into. Three days later and I'm still wheezing a bit!! Avoid this product.

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