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March 17, 2003

World Time Zones

This afternoon I got fed up trying to remember which time zones different parts of the world use and doing the math to figure out the local time so I quickly banged out this World Time Zones script.

I'm adding it to the blog mostly for my own personal use but also making it available to everyone else in case you've been looking for something similar. You may even download the script and use it on your computer but you may not add it to your own web site or redistribute the script. See the readme.txt file within the zip for more details.

Note: The World Time Zones script is primarily for my own personal use. Before sending me an email about it please review the following:

  • If its too big for your computer screen, tough. Complaints about this will be ignored! tongue.gif
  • If the time doesn't display don't bug me about it if you're not using a 5th generation browser or better. (This means Internet Explorer 5.5 or better, Netscape 6 or better, Opera 5 or better, or Mozilla 1.3 or better!) If you're using anything earlier (like Netscape 4.7) you are a stupid ass. Either upgrade your browser or throw out your stinking old computer if you can't run anything newer! rolleyes.gif
  • If the time is wrong its most likely your fault! Make sure your computer's clock is set correctly to your local time zone and your local time. The script doesn't use my server's time, it uses your system time to do its math.
  • The script doesn't take Daylight Savings Time into effect because it is not observed everywhere in that time zone.

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