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April 24, 2003

Baa baaaa baaaa baaaaaaaaa BlogShares: Part II

ssheep2.gifA few weeks ago I joked that I'm one of the sheep now because I'm joining the BlogShares game. Thanks to being stuck at home with not much energy to do anything (because I've been sick) I found myself with lots of time to play the game and get hooked. Throughly hooked. You can even call it an addiction.

In fueling my addiction I couldn't help but follow the controversy between Seyed (the owner of blogshares) and Eric as it as happened over the past few weeks. Post by post. Insult by insult. Blow by blow.

It is my opinion that the entire situation has been grossly over exaggerated and twisted by many. I believe Seyed had the right to be offended. But, he could have handled the situation better, and he has even admitted that. In any case thats neither here nor there because both Seyed and Eric have since patched things up and called a truce.

Before the controversy could be settled many people choose sides and some decided to delist their blog from the game and request their account be deleted. Seyed removed those blogs but they were re-indexed when they pinged Seyed was aware of this design problem and posted on the forums several times that he was going to fix it soon. In between there was one post by a moderator that if read alone would lead you to believe that if you pinged weblogs your blog would be re-added and the only way to not get re-added was to stop pinging Sure the post could have been worded better but once you are fully aware of the facts its obvious what its author really meant.

None the less, these misunderstandings caused a few bloggers to jump to conclusions without getting all the facts first, delist their own blogs, and then encourage everyone else to follow suit. In the typical behavior of the blogging community more sheep came out of barn and followed along without thinking for themselves. I'm getting worried that the sheep are gaining momentum and it is becoming an all out stampede.

I beg everyone to reconsider not delisting their blogs. If you don't want to play the game, fine. But please don't ruin it for all the others who are enjoying this game by picking up your toys and going home.

Blogshares is not much different from a search engine. Get used to that fact. The web is supposed to enable others to link to your site. Remember how many of you laughed and complained at the companies that posted don't link policies? Everyone requesting to have their blog delisted is doing the same thing. It is one thing if you want to delete your account so you stop getting the emails, or if you want to show your unhappiness with some aspect of the game. But it is another thing to punish everyone else who is having fun by having your blogs delisted.

I kinda wish Seyed wouldn't honor the requests to delist blogs. I agree he would be in his rights if he didn't. Again, the web is meant to be interconnected. If you don't want to be linked to then maybe you shouldn't have a blog.

UPDATE: Since there are some sheep that continue to ask to be delisted from Blogshares (which is also saying they don't want incoming links to their blogs) I've decided to help them in their effort by removing their links from my site too. flipa.gif

Posted in Random Thought by usrbingeek at 2003-04-24 23:52 ET (GMT-5) | 6 Comments | Permalink


Just to politely disagree with your statement about wishing Seyed wouldn't honor those of us who want to be delisted. Our blogs are our personal sites, not items to be used in a game that most of us, in the beginning, didn't even know existed until we read it somewhere else. It's our right to have the option not to participate, and it was extremely inconsiderate to say that giving us a choice to opt-out was something that he was doing to "be nice" not because he had to. It was stupid of him not to. He would have gotten the same amount of participation as he has now had he given people a choice to play or not.

I don't think he should shut the game down because he does still have the majority of his participants, but I honestly would not blame him if he did because of all of the problems it has caused.

Posted by: Lesa at April 25, 2003 05:26 AM

Excellent post. Very well said. People need to lighten up and have fun. It's a game. Who has privacy when there's google? ;-)

Posted by: trish at April 25, 2003 12:29 PM

Ok... so let me see if I understand this episode of brilliance in this post.

1) No one should have the right to remove their site from a game that they dont wish to participate in or be a part of.

2) You then are now "delinking" anyone who "ruins" blogshares by pulling out to prove a point, and with animated middle fingers no less?

Well, you sure showed us... didn't you?
And you wonder why I deleted your trackback?

Sayed took back any nice thing he said about me, and I will not be used as a cheap ploy to stop people from doing what they have every right to do.

Fell free to delete this. Pesky things like "the truth", isn't for everyone. :0)

Posted by: -e- at April 27, 2003 03:49 PM

"And you wonder why I deleted your trackback?"
What would make you think I would waste my time to go over to your site to see if you kept my trackback or not? I have better things to do with my time.

Delete your comment? I don't think so. It brilliantly points out everything I'm saying, Eric.

Posted by: #!/usr/bin/geek at April 27, 2003 04:53 PM

Seyed has repeatedly "mishandled" more situations and more ex-users then just Eric. There have been two others that I know of, including myself.

Posted by: Strixy at April 29, 2003 03:28 PM

Strixy: Huh?

Posted by: Seyed Razavi at May 2, 2003 10:29 PM

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