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May 07, 2003

Finally back at work

After a few weeks of being ill and stuck at home I was finally up to returning to work this afternoon, or so I thought. No matter how well my doctor says I'm doing I don't feel like I am back up to full speed yet.

The huge pile of paperwork, interoffice memos, and unopened mail that filled my in-boxes and spilled all over my desk wasn't a welcoming or calming sight. I wish I had one of my cameras with me to get a picture of it. At first I thought it was some kind of poorly executed joke.

I spent two hours opening, sorting, and prioritizing all of the crap. Then got to work on the most important stuff, leaving everything else for tomorrow. There was so much that needed to be done and so many things that should have been done by those covering for me it was sad. For a couple minutes I even considered stomping upstairs and quiting on the spot. I am a little too tired for some of the BS that goes on and if I was any weaker I would have given into the temptation. Even though I only went in to work after lunch it felt like I was sitting there for 20 hours.

The one bright moment of the day was denying a purchase request for some Dell servers. I never thought I'd get my chance to 'return the favor' and screw Dell back on my first day back to work. I was even able to get a better quote from HPQ saving the company a few thousand. Revenge is so sweet.

I just realized I haven't posted anything about the relaunch since before my mysql disaster last week....While working on the redesign while I was sick I accidental nuked the mysql database and didn't even realize I did at the time. The nuked database overwritten a good backup copy that was on the backup drive that evening so I had to go back to a previous backup on CD that was more than a few weeks old. All the great progress I made was lost.

Yes, this is the second time something like this happened. Is someone up there trying to tell me something? (I should point out that the server move on Monday had nothing to do with these troubles. It was planned for sometime now and will only help things in the future.)

Last but not least!
My friend (and cofounder/coowner of Angel now has a blog! Be afraid, very afraid!

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