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May 13, 2003

Good things really do come in small packages

I'm really enjoying the Pentax Optio S. But I still don't know who sent it. I'd really wish who ever sent it, would come forward so I can properly thank you.

Honey in a shopping basket at Lowes I've taken lots of pictures of flowers, a couple from the north Lake Champlain Ferry, and even a few of my dog, Honey.

Pictures of Honey is an amazing feat in itself because she normally shivers and runs whenever she sees a camera. So far this one doesn't seem to scare her off. I'm not sure if its because of its small size and quietness or the fact that I haven't used it with a flash near her yet. I suspect if I had used the flash she'd be afraid of it too but I'd rather not find out until I get a lot more pictures of her. Until then I'm going to be very careful to make sure the flash is set to off.

I can't say it enough how much I love the Pentax Optio S. The only thing that I can say I bad about it is its lack of optical zoom power and saying that is really just nitpicking. It is limited to 3x optical zoom and this can be disappointing if you're used to dealing with 35mm cameras and 300mm+ zoom lens like I am. But, you can't fault them for the lack of zoom power. After all its amazing they managed to fit 3x optics into such a tiny package. I still highly recommend it. You won't be sorry.

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