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May 17, 2003

Busy as a bee in spring

What an impossible week. I spent every minute at work (or catching up on work at home) or was either running around to garden/home centers, working around my house, or trying to catch some zZZs in the little time I've had left each day.

The good news is I'm finally getting all caught up on work 'work' and I will have some free time this week to return to finishing the relaunch. (At least I hope!) Most of the work around the house revolved around replanting the annual flower beds and garden. I also picked up some deck-rail planters which I filled with petunias and put on my back deck. In addition I planted three dwarf alberta spruce trees to define the property line in the backyard. After everything has had a few weeks to fill in I'll take some pictures and post them to my gallery.

Even though everything is mostly seedlings or small plants I'm trilled how it all looks already. Gardening sure takes a toll on your body and you can get aches in body parts you weren't aware you had but the results make it worth it. I'll be spending a lot of time sitting outside in my garden this summer, laptop in hand. wink.gif I can't wait.

Late last summer I purchased a Copper Bird Bath and it already has a small hole, the size of a finish nail, in the bottom. I'm not sure if it was caused by rust or if something small hit it. Either way I'm in the market for a new birdbath or maybe even a fountain. What ever I choose I'm shying away from copper (or any other type of metal.) So far every bird bath I've seen is pretty tacky looking. All the fountains that are not religious or gaudy cost an arm and a leg. All the ones that would look good in my backyard seems to have a price tag upwards of $500. A few were even over a grand! I cannot justify spending that much money for something that would get use only a few months a year. Who buys these things here!?!? Vermont needs a few discount garden/home centers like South Florida. Hell, In Hollywood and North Miami you can't drive five miles down State Road Seven and not pass at least ten discount garden and cast concrete dealers. Send us just one, please!

In family news my grandmother had a surgery a few weeks ago but it turned out that she was released from the hospital too soon, and even with a fever. She developed some type of infection and was readmitted to the hospital when the fever was over 102 degrees F. on Monday. Once again, I wasn't getting the whole story so I had to check everything out for myself. At least she is doing much better now as the fever seems to have broke. With any luck, she should be moved to a convalescent home next week. What a scare!

As I'm out of town and won't be online much, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blog or IRC. I'll catch you soon as I get back home.

By the way I still don't have any clues who purchased the camera. All my suspects didn't pan out and I'm out of ideas now. Please come forward. I beg you. A gift like this deserves some type of personal thank you!

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