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May 29, 2003

Turn it off

Modern Science has invented a cure for obsessive worry about terrorism, SARS, Mad Cow and West Nile... How does it work? [Turn off the TV.]

I've lost my tolerance for broadcast news. The constant hyping of terrorism, SARS, Mad Cow and West Nile has crossed the line and turned into fear mongering.

The latest example of this hysteria is the single cow in Canada that was found to have the disease but triggered an all out ban of importation of meat from Canada. The truth is the danger, just as with SARS, is over exaggerated and may even be nonexistent.

If the fear mongering isn't enough to prompt to you switch channels then the constant over analyzing of the Scott Peterson trial will. He changed his hair today and they turned that into the 'big story' of the day. How these 'reporters' can look themselves in the mirror when they go home is puzzling. This entire case could maybe make a good Law & Order script if it wasn't so damn much like a bad Telemundo soap opera.

I'd like to know how this story got legs anyway. There are hundreds of murders everyday in the US, many far more interesting. You don't see each one of them dissected piece by piece on every news channel all day long. There must be someone somewhere that rolls dice and picks which murder will get the media attention for the rest of the quarter. Thats the only logical explanation for it.

Meanwhile world changing stories like the 'Road Map To Piece' get set on the back burners so satanic cult theories may be discussed to death. If the peace plan works it will only be the most significant peace agreement ever.

I've had it. For now on as soon as they start a fear mongering segment or start analyzing some scandalous murder I'm switching channels. Better yet, I'll just shut the TV off and go outside.

Posted in Comics & Cartoons , Movies, TV, & TiVo by usrbingeek at 2003-05-29 00:07 ET (GMT-5) | 2 Comments | Permalink


Ok, I agree with you on the over dramatizing of all the news lately. The one thing I disagree with you on is the Laci Peterson case. Stuff like this does not happen every day. The 8-month pregnant women goes missing. After 5 months her unborn baby washes up ashore in California. A day later, her own body washes ashore. Stuff like that does not happen everyday. I dont know why, but I am extremely involove in this case. It could be the media's fault and it probably is, but I am really involved in this story. Yes, it was stupid for the media to make a "Big Story" out of Scott changing his hair. Well, I guess that is the end of my rant.
Hey, where have u been? Havent seen u in #lg in a while. I could have used your help in a discussion the other day, heh. I was kinda backed into a corner. lol. Hope to see ya soo.

Posted by: Cory at May 29, 2003 11:58 AM

It seems that sensationalism determines the news. Stories like Chandra Levy, Elizabeth Smart and other heart breaking stories are worked for as much exposure as possible and then shelved. It changes news journalism into reality entertainment. And it is deplorable.

Posted by: Noggie at June 2, 2003 03:30 PM

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