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June 02, 2003

Slow downs

This weekend was a busy one. I spent most of it working on the redesign and also finishing a report for work. Things at work (GD) are still very hectic. Its also been one boring meeting after another. Lots of changes are going to be made from the top to the bottom. This is a good thing (for me at least.)

I started to transfer all my modifications to the new code of MT 2.64 so I could upgrade but ran out of time Sunday night. I hope to finish it tonight and switch the site to php. Unfortunately, this will break some Permalinks.

I've been told that the post, "Today is dedicated to our Fallen Heroes" has been slowing down some visitor's computers. This is due to the length of it (i.e. the huge number of lines it has to scroll.)

I haven't noticed anything on any of my computers. I think if you have a fairly new processor and upwards of 256MB of RAM it should be unnoticeable.

It was suggested that I move it to the extended entry but that will just merely hide it from view; it will still be loaded and using up memory since my extended entries use a CSS/java trick to still be displayed on the front page. (This post is an example of it.)

I'd rather not remove the entry completely but I do have an idea on how to correct the problem. Just haven't had time to implement it. Hopefully I will have some time tonight.

I am sorry for the trouble it has caused anyone!

Update 2003-06-02 21:26 ET: Changed the "Today is dedicated to our Fallen Heroes" post so its not loaded by default on the main page.

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