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August 21, 2003

Ready, Set, TiVo!

It's time to start deciding what I will be recording on TiVo this fall. So I headed over to The Futon Critic to see the network grids and read reviews.

I was very disappointed to learn that The Agency, Fast Lane, Mind of A Married Man, Mr. Sterling, and FireFly were canceled. It is very upsetting that the networks continue to cancel shows that finish the season on a cliffhanger. If any of them they do it again this year, I'm done. I wont ever watch a new network show again. Instead I'll watch movies on the movie channels and I mean it!

Its too much of a waste of time if they're not going to stick with the show long enough to at least present some kind of finality instead of a cliffhanger. Everyone should take this pledge and email the networks to let them know you're not going to tollerate it either.

Well anyway now that I'm done ranting... Every year I share my Fall TV Recording Schedule with friends by updating a MS Word document. You'll notice I stick mostly to crime dramas, watch a few comedies here and there, and avoid reality shows like they're the plague.

I'm really looking forward to the resume of West Wing, Third Watch, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Guardian, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Hack.

Of all the new shows debuting I think Navy NCIS, Threat Matrix, and The Lyon's Den probably have the most promise. Although if Navy NCIS gets too graphic (like CSI & CSI:Miami did last year) I'll quickly cancel my Season Pass. I want to be entertained, not grossed out by seeing burned bodies in a SUV or a decomposed and insect infested body shoved in a toolbox. Anyone who finds that fun to watch needs serious counseling.

For the first time, I've had to set a lot of lower priority Season Passes because of conflicts. Most of these shows I'll try to catch live anyway. Although I have a strong feeling many of them won't make it past six shows. Especially Skin, and Whoopi. Skin sounds intriguing but doesn't seem to have enough going for it to keep it interesting. It probably would have made a better movie. Whoopi will either be extremely bad or a smash hit. I tend to think it will be the first.

Other new series I'm unsure about are The Handler and 10-8. The Handler's cast looks good but I can see the plot of this show being completely unbelievable to the point that its distracting. Threat Matrix might have this problem too.

This season I'm recording a lot more sitcoms than last. Last year I only stuck with Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Frasier, 8 Rules, and King of Queens. I could really do with some laughs and hope some of the new series are more entertaining than last year's crop of new comedy duds. But, I bet that I'm with Her, and Coupling doesn't stay on my Season Passes very long.

What shows are you TiVoing and looking forward too?

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FYI: you fall recording schedule thing crashes Opera.

Navy NCIS does look like a good show. They canceled Fastlane? Those asses. I loved that show. I suggest you check out 'The OC' as well, I personally cannot get enough of that show.

Posted by: Cory at August 22, 2003 06:51 PM

I can't duplicate the problem in Opera.

The file was produced by Microsoft Word. I normally don't use Word for making HTML documents but this page is too complex to redo in anything else.

Posted by: #!/usr/bin/geek at August 22, 2003 11:15 PM

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