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October 29, 2003

Hypocrite Oath

Dr. Dean, former Vermont Gov., must have taken the wrong oath when he became a doctor. He enjoys being a hypocrite so much that'll even change his own story a couple times in front of the same crowd.

A fine example of this was yesterday when Dean declared himself a "metrosexual," the new phrase for straight men in touch with their feminine sides, as he talked up his support for gay rights at a luncheon in Denver.

But later Dean said, "I'm a square," after telling an anecdote about being called handsome by a gay man. "I like (rapper) Wyclef Jean and everybody thinks I'm very hip, but I am really a square, as my kids will tell you. I don't even get to watch television. I've heard the term (metrosexual), but I don't know what it means."

He then shrugs off his inconsistencies by declaring, "This is all about raising money to beat George W. Bush."

I'm all for gay rights but I believe if someone wants to be a presidential candidate they should at least have a good understanding of any label before they apply it to themselves. They also need to have consistent stances on issues. Dean's continuous waffling and use of buzz phrases in place of real ideas just goes to show that he still isn't ready for a presidential campaign. Hell, he wasn't ready to be Governor.

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