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November 17, 2003

iPod Accessories

On MGH's recommendation I purchased a Firewire Hub to provide power to the iPod while its connected to the computer and I'm happy to say its corrected that issue. One minor annoyance is now iTunes always launches If I reboot and have the iPod docked. I can live with that because having to interrupt transfers just to charge the iPod was getting annoying.

I furthered my Belkin shopping spree by picking up a Backup Battery Pack, a Mobile FM Transmitter, and the Auto Kit. Each does exactly everything they claim and work quite well. My only complaint is the size of the battery backup pack. Even still its good to have when you know you won't be able to recharge the battery. I will already have to make use of it tomorrow.

I forgot to mention in my last entry how disappointed I was with the included iPod ear buds. To tell the truth I've never been a fan of ear buds but I found these far below average, even when comparing them to Sony ear buds that came with walkman cassette radios 10 years ago! You'd think they could have improved on the technology since then and got rid of the tinniness.

On the recommendation of a few friends that are self professed audiophiles I went with a pair of
Sennheiser Closed Collapsible Headphones
. These where what they called mid price! I really don't understand how something could be better. The sound is very clean and they're extremely comfortable to wear.

I had to go with a closed pair because I will be using them while mowing the lawn and working in my wood shop. I haven't used them on the tractor yet but I'm confident that they'll keep the noise out, at least better than my old Koss closed headphones.

By the way before someone mentions a noise reduction model I've tried a few out. Even a $400+ pair from Bose and another company I never heard of (I can't remember their name right now) but is supposed to be the best headphone manufacturer. I really don't see how people like them?! The buzzing and additional noise they create to cover the other noise is so much worse than the noise you're trying to filter out. They say that not everyone can distinguish the different noises and it works for most people. I must be a member of the unlucky bunch that it can't work for.

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