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January 11, 2004

Rich and Famous Gaming Laptops For MUCH Less

A couple weeks ago I wrote about L's Computers For The Rich and Famous and mentioned the 17" Hollywood Extreme that my friend ordered. Well, I borrowed his earlier this week for a few hours (without his knowledge,) took some of it apart, and noted all the FCC numbers on the boards and components so I could search for their Original Design Manufacture (ODM.) I got it all back together and returned it to his desk. My friend still has no clue that his laptop was gone or that his warranty was voided until now. wink.gif Actually, I'm just joking about the warranty, I was very careful so no one could tell that it was opened.

With the FCC numbers and a little sleuthing with the help of Google I discovered that the laptop's ODM was Clevo. Besides being offered through L I've found that almost identical systems are sold and rebranded under several other companies at almost every price range. These companies include Alienware, Sager, Velocity Micro, Voodoo PC and several other smaller resellers. Most of the rebranding is nothing more than a label and badge change, but some of the resellers offer special custom paint jobs or in Alienware's case a different designed case from the others. The guts are the same. Apparently Clevo also manufactured/manufactures for Dell, HP, Gateway, eMachines, and many other "laptop manufacturers."

In speaking with a Clevo rep I've found out their most active reseller is the United States is Sager, who also has its own set of resellers, some being better than others. PCTorque came highly recommended and I've found their own Talk Notebook forum has a wealth of information on anything and everything to do with laptops. From reading the support forums once can also see that PCTorque seems to be very concerned with customer service and providing nothing less than a positive experience.

Through their forum I've found out about the upcoming Sager 8790. It is an updated version of the L 17" Hollywood Extreme that my friend bought and it will be approximately $2000 less than what he paid. (Yes Learch! I had to bring it up again. tongue.gifwink.gif) I've almost certainly decided to order one as soon as its available through PCTorque. There are rumors that might be as soon as Wednesday, I can't wait!!

Posted in Computing & Tech News by usrbingeek at 2004-01-11 18:03 ET (GMT-5) | 1 Comments | Permalink


I want one too.

I just need the money.


Posted by: Cory at January 11, 2004 07:56 PM

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