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March 11, 2004

Its Here!

Sager 8790My Sager 8790-s arrived first thing this morning. I totally wasn't expecting it this soon. I even received the tracking number and shipping notice from PCTorque after it arrived.

So far I only have taken a few photos and run Windows Update to download all security updates and patches. I will post more as I have more time to test and review it.

I am receiving more emails that I have time to answer, each asking various questions about the Sager 8790. Instead of emailing me please go to and register to unlock all the secret forums. Literally every question that anyone can think of has already been asked and answered there. Browse the different forums or use the search feature. In the rare instance you can't find an answer to your question, post to an appropriate forum there, and someone will be happy to answer your question!
Posted in Product Reviews & Purchases by usrbingeek at 2004-03-11 12:39 ET (GMT-5) | 5 Comments | Permalink



*jumps up and down with you like a little japanese school girl*


Cool! I want my 4080 soooo bad!!

You lucky!

Posted by: Cory at March 12, 2004 01:48 PM

Sweet!, I recently upgraded my pc, isnt its great to start on a new pc?

Posted by: Danimal at March 16, 2004 10:03 AM

Great Laptop! Did you get the 7200rpm drives or the 5400rpm drives? Also, did you opt for the extra battery? I would be concerned about the battery life if you got the subwoofer or TV Tuner. All in all, I think that this is the one I am going to get next (June timeframe).
Thanks for the great pictures!

Posted by: Hyrum at March 17, 2004 06:51 PM

5400RPM as 9.5mm 80gb drives are not yet available in 7200RPM. I decided against getting an extra battery and I only ordered the 8 cell battery. I know from experience I *never* operate my laptop on the battery, only on AC, so battery life (or lack of) is no matter to me.

Posted by: #!/usr/bin/geek at March 17, 2004 09:30 PM

Don'tcha kinda miss out on one of the coolest things about having a laptop - sitting on your front porch, or in your back yard, typing, or better yet, surfing, w/ nary a cord in sight?

(PS - not sure if this is the intended effect or not, but new comments in your blog make their respective entry claim to have been "updated", therefore jumping to the top and looking like a new post, in many news aggregators.)

Posted by: Justin at May 17, 2004 12:14 PM

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