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April 15, 2004

Sager 8790-S Second Look

I've had the notebook for just about a month now and over all I'm still very impressed and pleased. Its very hard to find falts with it. But I do have a couple updates since writing my first review:

I've received the subwoofer and I'm disappointed with it. I'd suggest anyone considering the 8790 forgo it in place of the TV Tuner.

The sound it produces is just ok. I don't believe it adds much to the experience.

Also the way the subwoofer is set up, you must uninstall the TV tuner and plug in the subwoofer. Its not just a question of sliding one of the devices out and sliding the other in. They must be unscrewed and screwed in place and there are tiny (fragile) plugs that need to be connected. I can see these plugs easily breaking if you switch from the subwoofer to the TV tuner more than a few times.

The other problem is the full charge on the eight li-ion battery decreases quickly if you run the battery down just a few times. The first time I ran it down completely was when I did the DVD movie test. The second time was when the unit was accidental unplugged and I didn't notice it until I got the low battery alarm. I tried the DVD test again about a week later and I wasn't able to get to the end of the movie. It only had enough power to last about an hour. All li-ion batteries loose some of their capacity each time you run them down completely but it seems like the 8cell battery that is included with the Sager's is more susceptible to this. If you could do without the TV Tuner you'd probably be better off choosing the 12 Cell battery.

I am receiving more emails that I have time to answer, each asking various questions about the Sager 8790.

Instead of emailing me please go to and register to unlock all the secret forums. Literally every question that anyone can think of has already been asked and answered there. Browse the different forums or use the search feature. In the rare instance you can't find an answer to your question, post to an appropriate forum there, and someone will be happy to answer your question!

Posted in Product Reviews & Purchases by usrbingeek at 2004-04-15 21:33 ET (GMT-5) | 1 Comments | Permalink


i have had my sager 8790 and i really love it but i messed up the two usb in back it fell and i had a muse plaged in and it bented them and now they dont work i dont know what to do can it be fixed

Posted by: alex at April 22, 2004 12:18 AM

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