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May 20, 2004

Norton who?

The saying, "time is money," is so true. The last thing I have much of right now is free time so anything that can help me keep the little of it that I have is well worth its cost.

This weekend my desktop's primary hard drive was under the weather and it came down with bad sectors and corrupted files, lots of them. I have the entire disk imaged to another drive but this image was about 8 days old. I just so happened to install a few programs and make some significant customizations I didn't want to do again so plopping in another drive and just copying that image over wasn't exactly the best option.

I tried making another image but it refuse to continue as soon as it came across the bad sectors. I started looking for a way to just mirror the drive over to another larger drive I had on hand but I was worried that it would flake out when it reached the bad sectors again. Unfortunately, that was just the case with the first two programs I tried.

After digging around and getting some advice from a few friends I was turned on to Acronis PowerUtilities 2004 which includes Acronis DiskEditor 6.0 and Acronis Migrate Easy 6.0. With DiskEditor I was able to recover most of the data from the drive and then transfer over all the partitions on my primary disk to the new larger disk thanks to Migrate Easy.

It took just a few minutes to start the process but it had to run unstopped around 15 hours to copy the entire drive. Even though I was without my desktop for that period it was still more convenient than having to use the old image and then retrace everything I did during the week since the image was made.

If your free time is precious to you I cannot overstate enough how important it is to always have multiple backups and remember to rerun images after you do anything significant because disasters never follow your backup schedule!

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