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August 10, 2006

Counterfeit CF Memory Cards

On eBay guides there is a detailed article warning to "Fake Beware of FAKE SanDisk Compact Flash Cards on eBay". But, this problem is more widespread than the article suggests and it is not limited to just SanDisk Ultras or only a problem that occurs on eBay.

I bought a counterfeit SanDisk Extreme III 2GB card from a major online retailer. (Per SanDisk, the retailer is unimportant because these fake cards have made it into the distribution channel and this can happen with ANY retailer!) The card's pin holes weren't formed correctly and broke several of the pins on a new Nikon D200.

SanDisk's tech support was extremely helpful and the camera was repaired at no cost to me but I was without it for three weeks. The retailer exchanged the card and replaced it with a legit one. I didn't have to pay for return shipping so it was also replaced at no cost to me.

I really feel for SanDisk and all the retailers because they're just as much a victim as the consumer who ends up with the counterfeit card.

It is worth repeating that SanDisk was very helpful. They didn't just say something like, "not our fault" or "deal with the retailer and hope they take care of it". They told me they'd apply pressure to the retailer and would cover any costs in the event the retailer didn't make right. I preferred their products because of their warranty and replacement guarantee before but even more so after this and the way they helped they have earned me as a customer for life.

Since this episode has happened I've bought several more SanDisk Extreme III CF cards from the same retailer (and others) and have not come across any other fakes. Everyone should spend some time inspecting their new cards and don't make the same mistake as me. Inspect the pin holes carefully before inserting a new card!!

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