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December 08, 2006

I'm in Heaven and I cannot get any work done

Kat's employer has a Holiday tradition that the company has been doing for 52 years. Its essentially a rip off of Beat The Clock but in their version everyone has a shot to win a prize worth at least $50. They also award a couple $1,000 cash bonuses in addition to the "regular" holiday bonus and they do this game in addition to a traditional Holiday party next week. I don't know about you, but I never heard of other companies doing something this fun for the Holidays. Certainly, not for this long.

Since Kat started working there she's won some nice prizes in this yearly game. But, for the first time, I've stole her prize and I'm refusing to share. She brought home a HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Plus Massaging Cushion and asked me to set it up on her chair in our home office. I was happy to oblige. I unpacked it, removed a set screw as per the instructions, connected the power brick, plugged it in, and fastened it to her chair within three minutes. Just for safety sake I had to test it out and make sure it wasn't dangerous. wink wink.

The aggressive Shiatsu massage melted away a bunch of knots that have been in my lower back for weeks. It was so incredible that I couldn't move out of the chair, even for Kat to try it out. Kat lost her patience with me and eventually pulled me out of the chair so she can give it a try.

After sitting in it for just a few seconds she jumped up shrieking, "Ow it hurts! How do you like that?!" For a split second, so I could keep the cushion for myself, I debated telling her that there is a detachable pad (which I removed) and when it is in place it makes it feel less aggressive. Theres also another message mode which is a gentle up and down rolling. I reattached the removable pad and showed her the different message modes. She loved both the rolling and Shiatsu message with the pad in place. She also giggled at the placement of the vibration massagers in the seat of the cushion.

The cushion automatically turns off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating and as far as we're concerned that is the cushions only draw back, well, besides feeling so good that you can't get any work done with it on. According to the manual any over heating can shorten the life of the product so its probably best to allow it to cold down a bit between reactivations.

I must admit that I seen these before at Costco and other big box stores but walked right past them thinking they couldn't be any good. Now, I wish I had given them a second look as it would have done my back good.

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