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December 18, 2006

Sunday TV Officially Sucks Now

Now that The Wire has concluded its 5th season, there is almost no reason to turn on the TV.

Sure, The Simpsons and Family Guy are good for a few laughs but The Wire has spoiled me. Nothing on TV has ever been this good. I always thought Homicide Life on the Street was the best of the best but The Wire has surpassed it. It is no coincidence that most of The Wire's writers wrote for Homicide too.

Even though the Season Finale aired last Sunday I cannot stop thinking about it and this entire season. All the story lines have incredible depth and the characters are so well developed its easy to forget that its fiction. You're always rooting for one character or against another as you get so pulled into the story. There really hasn't been anything as good on TV or the silver screen.

If you haven't been watching The Wire, it is definitely one to move to the top of your Netflix Queue. Better yet, just do yourself a favor and buy all the DVDs because you'll probably want to watch them all more than once! Which ever you do, be sure to watch the entire series in order from the beginning as the story arches from episode to episode and a big part of the fun is watching each of the characters develop and mature.

The Wire - The Complete First Season
The Wire - The Complete Second Season
The Wire - The Complete Third Season

Unfortunately, season Four and Five have not been released on DVD yet. I wish HBO would hurry up and get them out now because I'm already very anxious to see them all again.

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Uh... The fifth season has not been broadcast yet.
I'm not even sure they started shooting it.

Posted by: Kuro at January 16, 2007 08:30 AM

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