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December 23, 2006

Five things you didn't know about me

Just when I thought I escaped being tagged for this meme, Bill sneaked up from behind and got me.

Five things not commonly known about me:
  1. I shudder every time my phone rings. As long as I can remember I never liked talking on the telephone. Even with friends that I love talking to in person.

    I hate talking on cell phones even more. Which is ironic because when I was in middle school I was the first kid to have one. Yep, one of those big Motorola bricks.

    At one point I thought my dislike for telephones was laziness. Who can say they really like holding a telephone to their ear? But, I bought a headset and I still loathed it.

    Because of business I know I can never escape phone calls completely. I'm on mine at least a total of 4 hours every day. But I always procrastinate placing a telephone call and will often go through ridiculous means just to avoid a telephone conversation.

    Please don't even get me started on the evilness of Skype! I'll continue to make excuses why I won't use it until I'm blue in the face.

  2. I never had a beer. Not even a sip. Every time I smell a beer I think to myself, "people drink this by choice?" When I used to run the bowling center and had to fill in for a bartender I hated nothing more than pouring some drafts. Well, except for smelling the beer off of other people's breaths.

    I'm not a nondrinker but I very rarely drink. I got drunk once with some friends and I never wanted to repeat it. When I do partake its typically a single glass of wine or a weak Captain Morgans Rum and Pepsi.

  3. Despite any prior claims, I've never used marijuana (or any recreational drugs!) In what was a poor attempt to fit in with a few crowds I told them what I thought they wanted to hear and said that I smoked it a few times. In fact, I never even been in presence of a lit joint. Having it to do over again I wouldn't even associate with these people.

  4. I love ice cream almost as much as sex. Creamy butter fat goodness...mmmmmm. The more butter fat the better! It is my only addiction and vice as its a struggle for me to not eat an entire container of Gifford's Blue Ribbon Strawberry or Wilcox Butter Pecan in one sitting. There is not any other food that I enjoy more.

  5. I hate meme's. Actually I hate any thing that is "me too" ish.

I don't want to draft anyone in this meme so if you want to be "it" just comment in this post and consider yourself "it."

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