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December 27, 2006

Google Reader as a Digg Killer? Update

Two weeks ago I had a passing thought and I wrote Google Reader could be a Digg killer!?!???? and I since forgot about it.

That was until last night when Steve Rubel picked up on it. Today it was on techmeme, a top tech story on TailRank, Robert Scoble agreed and it also has been discussed on many, many, many more sites.

Several more ideas have been spawned from all this discussion, Web Worker Daily summarized them best.

What is most interesting, or rather telling, is how little notice this conversation has received on Digg. While there are several pages none have more than a few comments and most only have around 6 diggs except this one. I purposely didn't submit any of them to digg myself but I can't help but keep an eye on them:
Google vs Digg: User-generated News = win for Google.
Google reader - the Digg killer
Will Google Reader become as good as or better than Digg?
Can Google Bust Digg

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