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January 28, 2007

Pot calling kettle black

Yesterday, Robert Scobel ranted, Big gadget sites don’t link to blogs and then backed off a bit.

But, back when I first wrote Google Reader could be a Digg killer!?!???? and Steve Rubel first picked up on it, Scobel immediately agreed. However, he failed to mention it was my idea and even implied it was Rubel's! More to the point, Scobel didn't link to me. Yet, many others did.

Yes, I agree with you, Robert. It sure does hurt when someone picks up on your idea/content/whatever and you don't get credit (and a link!)

Update: Robert apologized in the comments. Thanks Robert

Posted in Random Thought by usrbingeek at 2007-01-28 10:40 ET (GMT-5) | 1 Comments | Permalink


Sorry for not doing that. But, I did link out, and by linking to Rubel my audience would have followed his links to you. Try following a link from Engadget to my blog today. You can't.

Posted by: Robert Scoble at January 28, 2007 10:58 AM

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