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February 19, 2007

NOFOLLOWing Wikipedia

Steve: Now the world will never know the truth.
Stan: If only there was a place where you could make any outrageous claim you want with absolutely no proof, and millions of people would accept it as fact.
Steve: That's it!
[cutaway to Steve writing a Wikipedia article on "The Truth About Peanut Butter"]
- American Dad! - "Black History Month"

Nofollow me to WikipediaI'm joing Andy Beal's Campaign to Reduce Wikipedia’s PageRank to Zero. This is in response to Wikipedia Links No Longer Passing PageRank by adding nofollow to all their outbound links.

I don't think I have any links coming from Wikipedia but, nonetheless I'm joining this campaign out of principal. Adding nofollow to all outbound links is yet another self-centered and elitist move by Wikipedia. Especially when they full well know they're linked to all the time yet they're not going to return the favor and play fair as far as page rank goes. They're starting to sound like the old media newspapers (that never outbound link!)

I have gone through all my posts here and on My Musings with the help of find and replace, and I'm going to go through all my other sites later tonight.

I also plan to write a hack that will add nofollow to any Wikipedia links for UBB.Threads and I will add it to the communities I run. Expect to see something similar from me for Drupal too.

I've also decided to not link to Wikipedia whatsoever, whenever I can find similar information elsewhere.

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Welcome to the campaign!

Posted by: Andy Beal at February 20, 2007 12:06 PM

You act as if the PageRank system is something that must be respected by all, above the fact that Google were the ones who implemented the feature themselves and hence have denied that PageRank contributions on publically editable sites are as important as the negative effects of spamming.

You yourself have the following notice on your comments section which restricts people from using your own system in order to enhance their own blogging popularity. What is the difference between your personal site and the publically editable, privately owned, wikipedia?

"No URLs or spam. This means absolutely no URLs! No web site links or addresses, no blog links, no picture links, no affiliate links, no URLs of any kind! Got it? I've had to place this restriction because of comment spam."

Posted by: Peter at March 6, 2007 07:52 PM

Have you ever tried to add a link to a wikipedia page? It never stays on the page more than a few hours because the Wikipedia community simply doesn't want to link to anything. They want Wikipedia to be their own closed resource. And don't tell me its publicly editable. That's a fraud because the technological barrier they put in place is so high that regular people cannot figure it out. Wikipedia is a closed system and they like it that way.

However, when I choose to link to something I don't add nofollow to anything. Wikipedia is adding nofollow to even the stuff their editors add.

Posted by: usrbingeek at March 6, 2007 08:59 PM

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