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March 01, 2007

Wired Games Digg

"I Bought Votes on Digg," wrote Annalee Newit of Wired News.

Newit setup a "blog intended to be as random and boring as possible" so no one in their right mind would Digg anything there. She then paid a service that promises to "help 'submitters' get Digg stories noticed by paying 'users' to Digg them."

After hiring the service your submission had 40 Diggs. Her submission was buried later as other Digg users presumably thought the blog and post was lame. But, it proves that if someone created something half way decent and then paid for Diggs they could definitely get on the Digg home page.

For me the gaming isn't the only reason I'm losing interest in Digg. The last few weeks I hardly went to the site at all. I subscribe to their RSS feed but for me, in most cases, there is no point in going to the site to Digg anything. Even when there is an issue I care about I hesitate because the Digg pages load so slow and that seems to make everything else in Firefox slow down to a crawl. I think what it really comes down to is already seen and read most of the stories in the feeds anyway.

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