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March 03, 2007

USPS To install Slot Machines and Offer Table Dances

OK, not quite, but the United States Postal Service is following the Las Vegas Casino trend of not displaying any clocks. The reports they're doing it to improve customer service.

"We want people to focus on postal service and not the clock," said Stephen Seewoester, Dallas spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service.

Who do they think they're kidding? People wear watches, carry PDAs, ipods, cell phones and blackberries. Who even looks for a wall clock anymore?

It's always more of the same from the USPS. When you purchase extra services they still insist on putting on a show by manually rubber stamping everything in front of each customer, just for the perceived value. They also love to make you fill out multiple forms for that one package you're shipping. They do this because they want you to think it must be worth the extra money since you had to complete a bunch of forms! Only the Government can come up with things this silly!

The USPS full well knows all the extra services can be done with one single form that has a bar code, check off boxes, and is peeled and stuck to the package. The options get entered into the computer and the computer systems do all the tracking and routing. This is basically how UPS and FedEx operates. But, that's logical and we already know the Postal Service can't do anything logical.

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Perhaps they don't want people to realize how long they spend there dealing with all those extra forms?

Posted by: Python at March 5, 2007 06:20 PM

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