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March 07, 2007

Why I'm glad I don't live in the City of Burlington, VT

...and why I will no longer shop downtown:

The City of Burlington has this idiotic No Idling ordinance:

Burlington Code of Ordinances, Sec. 20-55
(e) No person shall leave idling for more than five (5) minutes any motor vehicle in any area of the city during the period from April 1 of every year to November 1 of the same year, except in the following instances:
(1) Motors used to run refrigeration units may be left idling to permit uninterrupted refrigeration;
(2) A motor vehicle may be left idling if necessary for the repair of that vehicle;
(3) This provision shall not apply to motor vehicles which must be kept idling in order to install, maintain or repair equipment or infrastructure.
(4) This provision shall not apply in any situation in which the health or safety of a driver or passenger requires the idling of the vehicle.

As you can see it only applies in the warmer months but this doesn't stop the Burlington Police from still harassing you about it during the winter! And even though the ordinance clearly states that there is an exception for the health or safety of a driver or passenger, the Burlington Police don't seem to consider being asthmatic as a valid exception.

This cold weather we're experiencing impacts my asthma severely and I have enough difficultly breathing without being harassed and having to explain why I'm allowing my car to warm up. Same goes during the allergy season and I have to have the air conditioning on.

Once again, the City of Burlington does its best to drive people out of it. OK with me. I'll take my money elsewhere. Who needs the parking headaches anyway?

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