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March 18, 2007

YouTube and The 24/7 Bowling Coach

I had one of those eureka moments a few months ago....

rcasey posted A New Angle

Nearly everyone now has a video camera or can at least borrow one and everyday people are starting to figure out how to import their videos into their computers and get them online. It was no longer an impossible technological hurdle reserved for media geeks and Apple users. Any bowler could video tape themselves and share their videos over the internet.

This realization led me to thinking about adding a Videos forum on to take advantage of this.

At first I was a little worried that I'd be spending a lot of time helping people get their videos up but that didn't happen. Instead, it caught on immediately! Bowlers started posting videos of themselves and some of the certified bowling coaches that hang out on have been offering constructive advice and tips on every video posted.

The response has just been amazing. Most who posted their videos say their averages are up, a couple reported theirs are up over 10 pins, and I just got an email from one member that was thrilled because she rolled her first 700 series! That's totally awesome!

I'm planning on rolling out some improvements to the video forum that will allow videos to be embedded directly in the forum and also auto-convert youtube links to use an embedded player.

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