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April 03, 2007

Yes Brian, Digg Is Broken Beyond Repair

Brian Carr asks, Is Digg Broken Beyond Repair?

If you look at Digg's homepage over the course of three or four days, you'll probably end up seeing between 25 and 30 users who dominate the homepage. Seriously, it wouldn't surprise me if Digg's "top" 25 users accounted for 70% of what ends up on the homepage - meaning that us little guys have very little chance of making it up onto the homepage, no matter how good our articles are or how funny/creative/useful our submission titles and summaries are.

This is the biggest problem. Second, there are also a huge army of teens on the site that are quick to "bury" any post as spam even when its obviously not. Let's not even bother talking about all the trolls that seem to live on Digg only to declare nearly everything is lame....unless it mentions Kevin, Alex, or Leo.

I completely agree with Carr that it has turned into a "high school social clique," but even still, it certainly seems much more jaded than the cliques that existed when I was in high school.

Third, Digg is disgustingly slow to load, I think mostly thanks to all the JavaScript and FM Media ads. Whenever I open a few different Digg pages in Firefox tabs and they crawl, the entire browser becomes slow, if not completely unresponsive. I'm not going to blame Firefox for this because it doesn't happen with any other site. Only Digg!

I've given up on Digging stories and many days I just mark my Digg feed as read in Google Reader. It's not worth my time and effort, and it's probably not worth yours either.

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