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April 07, 2007

Twitter vs Jaiku

Last night Leo Laporte quit Twitter and switched to Jaiku after tweeting:

I should never have trademarked TWiT. Curse you Ev. Couldn't you have called this Odeoer or something?
I've asked Ev to delete my Twitter account. I'm concerned about confusion with TWiT. I'm moving to Jaiku: account is ChiefTWiT. CU there!

Since I'm not a lawyer I'm not going to get into a trademark debate other than to say, it seems a bit ridiculous to me because TWiT and Twitter are very different business types. I don't see any probability of confusing similarity.

Nonetheless, I'm trying out Jaiku. From the first looks of it, some features seem overly complicated. Other features like native RSS feed import are cool but where the frack is Google Talk and other IM support?!

For the time being, I'll still be using Twitter primarily but, if you're switching I've set up my Jaiku to import my Twitter feed.

By the way you can still follow Leo through a bot on Twitter someone set up.

Update: Oops I forgot to mention that the #jaiku IRC chat room has been started on the WyldRyde IRC Network (If you have an IRC client click:

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Google Talk and IM support in general is coming soon, we are testing the functionality at the moment. Needs some work before public availability though.

Thanks for trying the service! You can send us email (e.g. jaiku AT jaiku (dot) com) if you have improvement ideas. Making the site simpler is always a key goal for us, although in general our users think we've been very successful in this (based on the feedback from our survey).

Posted by: Petteri Koponen at April 7, 2007 02:18 PM

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